What size belt do I need?

How to measure:

Ordering anything over the internet can be nerve wracking at times, but don't sweat it, we are here to help!

 In general, the world says that if you wear a size 32 jean, a size 34 belt is your best fit. However, WE say the best way to find your size and to eliminate error is to measure! Some people like to wear their belts tight and some like to keep them loose, so we have found that measuring is really the best way.  All you need is a tape measure and your old belt! 

Start by laying your old belt out on a flat surface as straight as possible. Then measure from the belt bend [where the buckle goes] to the hole you wear it at the most. This measurement will be the middle hole on your new belt.

Please make sure you measure correctly as we are not responsible if your belt does not fit based off the measurement you provide.

Measure twice, cut once

Before ordering, please take the time to read our "terms of service".